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Ballot creation date: 11/14/2016


Fact: The day after the Presidential election day (November 8, 2016), the media reported that Hillary had won the popular vote. Fact: The day after the election, no final vote count was yet in, either Electoral or popular, for several states including Arizona and Alaska. Fact:  In the early morning after election day, Trump had passed the number of electoral votes required to win the Presidency. Fact: Today, November 12, the media has not reported the revised numbers of popular votes that went with all the late electoral votes of the several States that were no longer required to determine the Presidency. Fact: There have been many paid and unpaid rioters in the major city streets due, in part, to a perception by unpaid rioters that Hillary received most of the popular votes and therefore the voting system is corrupt. Fact: During the months after a Presidential election, various fact-finding organizations sort out the vote count of those qualified to vote, and of those who voted who were dead, illegal aliens, convicted felons, dual voters, and absentee ballot anomalies. This has been estimated to be as high a 4 million popular votes, virtually all of Democratic Party persuasions.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Conclusion: The accepted system for determining the Presidency is the Electoral College. It appears at this time that its integrity, as in the past, is intact and can still allow for some cheating.  A popular vote count difference of less than one percent of ‘bogus’ votes could determine the outcome if not for the known responsibilities and trust of the members of the Electoral College. In this case, the final popular vote as reported by the media was not correct but was reported as final and correct while being incorrect and without even a consideration of cheating. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the truth from the public by the media at a critical time that instigated violence.

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