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General Subject: Health Care

Obamacare Contraception Care

Ballot creation date: 09/25/2013


Fact: The President stated (June, 2013) at a high school in Largo, Maryland that the Affordable Care Act will include contraceptive care. He referred specifically to young women, and that he could relate to this because he is the father of two young daughters.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This can only fall into the category of a pre-existing condition because contraceptives themselves do not require ‘care’ per-say aside from pill containers and prophylactic packaging. Paying the cost for contraceptives, however, can be considered caring for the sexual desires or needs of individuals. The only pre-existing condition here would be an innate and uncontrollable desire for getting one’s 'bean snapped’ to a degree of rapidity that places an unaffordable financial hardship on that part of the population who cannot afford enough contraceptives for the prevention of pregnancy or transmittable disease. Examples in history of dealing with this pre-existing condition have included sterilization in populations of fruit flies and rabbits. Congresswoman Pelosi, of course, is well known for verbalizing that it is not necessary for any lawmaker to actually read this health care law before passing it to be a law of the land that affects all American citizens, except herself and all other representatives of the people and their personal staffs, and some unions, and some insurers, and some others in power who find it unaffordable for their lifestyles. The President, however, has read it in detail and has discovered the insurance coverage of ‘contraceptive care’. It is concluded that the inclusion of this coverage could benefit society by the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and disease, and reduce possible harm caused by unsupervised sexual intercourse for the purpose of sport and entertainment. It is also herein considered insane to deny free choice by requiring anyone to end up paying through common financial attachment for their neighbor’s recreational sex habits. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of public tax money by Obamacare to pay for safer recreational sex habits of those not in need.

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