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General Subject: Department of Justice

DOJ Oversight

Ballot creation date: 11/02/2016


Fact: The Attorney General (Senior Department of Justice, DOJ Official) is appointed by the President. Fact: The FBI is a separate non-political investigative entity of law enforcement that is administratively under the Attorney General, but has no authority to determine actual prosecutions of people. Fact: Attorney General Lynch met privately with the husband of Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, before the release of FBI information concerning the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Fact: The Attorney General then announced that her decision to prosecute Hillary Clinton for crimes was to be given to the Director of the FBI, thereby avoiding any accountability to her personally, regardless of the responsibility of her Office, or the President’s. Fact: The FBI Director (Comey), after listing numerous instances of crime by Hillary Clinton, decided, against the majority of the rest of FBI investigators, to not prosecute her. Fact: Yesterday FBI Director Comey informed the US Congress that the criminal (incompetence, extortion, embezzlement, murder, and treason) investigation was reopened based on new information separate from that considered before.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

If it was merely a death threat against FBI Director Comey, or his innocent family, or exposing some reputation skeleton in his closet, then he was truly unworthy to represent the long-earned integrity of the thousands of FBI public servants upon whom the entire non-political justice part of the culture of the United States is based. The consequences of Benedict Arnold's treason against the United States pale to insignificance compared to Comey and other's action to not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Arnold only gave up West Point to the British. These people are ‘selling out’ our entire country's integrity, and costing the lives of US government people abroad. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by Obama, Lynch, and Comey of the integrity of the US justice system through subversive collusion to maintain an ongoing illicit monetary gain, and for maintaining power.

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