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General Subject: Media

Media Entrapment

Ballot creation date: 09/30/2016


Fact: Three days ago, newsman Chris Mathews asked Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to, “name any foreign leader that you respect.”  Fact: Candidate Johnson could not immediately think of one. Fact: For three days the main-stream media announced that this Presidential Candidate could not name a single foreign leader.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This probably seems a small thing given that seven years ago President Obama, according to Chris Mathews, gave him [Mathews] a “tingling feeling running up his leg” when Obama spoke. This Candidate Johnson incident, repeated for three days on the major TV news, lowers the bar for all of us by us being somewhat forced to listen to as news or journalism, news that, as Citizens, we have a responsibility to obtain and thereby become better voters for our own interests. This was like asking a Doctoral Candidate to name the worst bacteria, and then announcing that this Doctor is not qualified to be a Doctor because he could not name a single bacteria instead of a 'worst' bacteria, and therefore obviously was not equipped to handle a profession in medicine. Yes, it probably is a small thing. But when taken as an example of the MOTus Operandi of much of the TV news media…  that of baiting and switching truths into falsehoods, it is not so small a thing. [Also see MOT Poll Ballot MSNBC Film Manipulation  4/17/2015, in Z-List - Other Ballots]  This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from the truth that this incident represents my many of the major TV network commentators.

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