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General Subject: Media

Media Proven Lie 1

Ballot creation date: 09/15/2016


Fact: On this date MSNBC, in covering a Trump  speech, showed the following on bottom of the screen several dozen times: “BREAKING NEWS. TRUMP (FALSELY) CLAIMS CLINTON STARTED BIRTHER CONTROVERSEY” [See photo on home page] Fact: It is not a proven fact that Mr. Trump falsely claimed anything about the Birther controversey.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This is an example of non-journalism. There are FCC license regulations that require integrity. The ‘Breaking News’ was “MSNBC BLATANTLY, IN A PUBLIC FORUM, VIOLATED THE RULES OF JOURNALISM BY, WITHOUT JUDGE, JURY, OR EVEN DISCUSSION OF LIBEL OR SLANDER LAWS, PRONOUNCED THAT MR. TRUMP LIED AND MADE A FALSE CLAIM.” This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from the truth that MSNBC exhibited which diminished the trust required for viable journalism in a free society.

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