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Ballot creation date: 09/11/2016


Facts: MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay  — Today a former Guantanamo detainee is threatening to die on a hunger strike if he is not allowed to reunite with his family abroad. Syrian native Abu Wa'el Dhiab is unhappy in Uruguay and is demanding he be allowed to leave the South American country, which took him in with five other former Guantanamo prisoners in 2014. Facts: For several days now, the Uruguayan government has been making arrangements with different states, especially in the Arab world, so they can take in Dhiab and he can fulfill his wish and reunite with his family. Dhiab's government liaison told the local radio station, "The government is trying its best, but it's not that simple."  Although there's nothing impeding Dhiab's family from coming to Uruguay, the former prisoner is against it, the announcer said, adding, "We'd have to ask ourselves why his family could not come to Uruguay when the families of other Guantanamo refugees came here when they wished." Dhiab was briefly hospitalized Monday night in Montevideo after he became weak from the hunger strike and was released from the hospital on Tuesday. He speaks softly in Arabic pressing his demand to be sent to another country to be with his family, saying, “My decision to go on a hunger strike is my final decision. Either in Argentina or Afghanistan, or wherever, with my family or I die. My daughter will marry in 10 days. I would like to be with her."

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It is rumored there is a new Uruguayan Government secret agency, Mal Vistado (Bad Looking), to counter anything that looks bad for Uruguay. The big question is whether they can somehow get Abu to die before his daughter’s wedding so they won’t look bad in preventing his wedding attendance. That would be terrible. Him starving himself to death is a possibility except that there are plenty of cockroaches and other vermin around for him to eat on the sly while carrying out the scam. Discussions are underway that allow him going immediately to Argentina (not Afghanistan) if his daughter will agree to be married there, but on the condition that on the following day he will be soaked in gasoline and pig blood, put inside a steel-barred cage for photographs, and after being lit-off, lowered into a swimming pool to completely extinguish everything, or ‘En Todo Felicidad’, a common description for dealing with L-COMICs 'Loco Creepos (Zeroes or 'O's) who Murder Innocent Cids (Kids)’. This MOT Ballot weighs this theft of media time, by the media, when giving a public platform to people that insult the human values of nearly all mankind.     

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