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Candidate Forum

Ballot creation date: 09/07/2016


Fact: During the Forum last evening (9/7/2016) Candidate Trump stated that the Generals have been reduced to “rubble”. Fact: He also said that he would accept President Putin’s compliment of calling him “brilliant”. Fact: The news this morning (MSNBC) did not report that Trump also indicated that the Generals he referred to were those left in positions who agreed with President Obama's policies, or did not publicly disagree with President Obama’s policies. Fact: The news (MSNBC) also did not report that Trump said that it made no difference whether President Putin said either good things or bad things about him, and that such compliments would not influence any policy of his.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is of little further advantage to list all the examples of the main stream media's reporting afterward half sentences and half thoughts that are spoken by the candidates in a public forum for the ‘benefit’ of those who didn’t hear the actual performance. It is of no usefulness for the main stream media to then, from parts of complete thoughts by candidates, make blanket universal judgments such as, ‘from this it is evident that he lies every time he opens his mouth.’ What is useful are the differences recognized by all those who actually did see and hear the performance, and did hear the next day what the main stream media said was said. This old and tedious recognition by millions convinces them that the main stream media themselves are often worthless in reporting the actual news.  This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from society of the usefulness, using these examples, of much of the main stream media’s reporting the news under the guise of being either journalists or truthful commentators.

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