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Trump vs Khan

Ballot creation date: 07/30/2016


Fact: Mr. Khizr Khan is the father of Captain Humayun Khan, US Army, who was killed in Afghanistan twelve years ago, sacrificing his life in the line of duty for the United States. Fact: Mr. Khizr Khan referred to his son’s death as an Islamic American during the Democratic National Convention to emphasize a contention that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has no respect for Islamics because of his desire to vet those in the United States and those attempting to enter, to see if they have any Radical Islamic Terrorist leanings toward physical violence against citizens of the United States. Fact: Mr. Khizr Khan is in the business of legally gaining ‘green cards’ for those Islamics who have $500,000 to ‘invest’ in an American enterprise in order for them, and their families, to facilitate their immigration into the United States. Fact: Mr. Trump referred to Captain Khan as a hero, expressed his condolences to Mr. Khizr Kahn and his wife for the loss of their son, and wondered, after being insulted, why Mrs. Khan did not have anything to say, suggesting that perhaps she was not allowed to. Fact: Many Islamic women in the world are not allowed to talk in public, go to school, drive, and are required to wear a form of bee-keeper suit in public. Fact: Democratic news person, George Stephanopoulos, questioned Mr. Trump about any sacrifices he had made for the United States [compared to that of Captain Khan’s sacrifice]. Facts: Mrs. Pat Smith, who lost a son in Benghazi, specifically blamed Hillary Clinton for the death of her son during the Republican Convention. Mr. Khizr Khan specifically implied that Mr. Trump is against all Islamics, not reading the US Constitution, and offered him his own copy. Facts: After both Republican and Democratic Conventions and up to this date, the three main US TV media stations have shown 55 minutes [3,300 seconds] of Mr. Khan’s Convention video, and 70 seconds to Mrs. Smith’s Convention video.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This whole episode is another attempt to divert attention away from the Obama and Hillary Clinton US foreign policy of seven years that empowered ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism to be a world threat.  A “Tyranny of the Overly Sensitive”? Mr. Stephanopoulos failed to mention that Mr. Khizr Khan had never sacrificed a thing for the United States himself. His son did. Waving the US Constitution in front of Mr. Trump was an insult to himself as a no-load preacher from an obscene pulpit in a strange country as a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Democratic Party and the media of a truthful prospective that can inhibit and divert voter attention away from the new chances, however small but real, of them getting shot, blown up, drinking bad water, or getting gassed by Islamic Radical Terrorists in the United States.

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