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General Subject: Obama Administration

Hillary Clinton Theft

Ballot creation date: 07/24/2016


Fact: The unexplained death of Vince Foster and the explained deaths of Amassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi.  Fact: Illegal insider ‘futures’ trading while First Lady of Arkansas that turned her $1,000 into $100,000. Fact: 1999, absconded the White House with approximately $200,000 of stolen White House dinnerware and furniture that was the property of the American people. Later she was given the choice of immediately returning the property or facing criminal charges.  Fact:  Ate over 1,000 (not including personal guests) stolen (uncompensated according to the law) five-star chefed and catered meals from US Government aircraft kitchens during her four years as Secretary of State.  Fact: Stole from the military capability of, and later the truth to, the American people while Secretary of State during and after the Benghazi-American tragedy.  Fact: The Clinton Foundation.  Fact: Stole from the security of the United States through extreme and gross negligence of American State secrets through inept exposure of security information to enemies while conducting personal business with foreign governments for her personal financial gain, thereby stealing many government-service lives and national treasure of and from the American people.  Fact: She stole the integrity of the Democratic Party by subversively ignoring their fair procedures during the Presidential candidate selection process in 2016 that included Bernie Sanders.

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This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft, by Hillary Clinton as an American official representing  the United States, from the earned integrity of all Americans.

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