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General Subject: Rules of Engagement

MSNBC and Nice

Ballot creation date: 07/13/2016


Fact: Yesterday, a terrorist truck driver drove off-road in a tourist section of Nice, France during a national celebration (Bastille Day) killing 84 civilians and injuring hundreds more. Fact: MSNBC again referred to this possible ISIS attack as part of a religious war, and have in the past referred to Islam as a religion, as do nearly all Liberals and Democrats. Fact: The US President will not use the term Radical Islamic Terrorists, and though Commander in Chief, will not ask Congress to declare war against them. Fact: The first IS in ISIS or ISIL stands for Islamic State. The second IS in ISIS stands for two countries, Iraq and Syria. IL in ISIL (the term the President uses) stands for Iraq and the Levant, meaning all countries that shore on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea which includes Israel, and indicates that the President prefers to have Israel considered, as before the Crusades for a while in the twelfth century AD or thereabouts making little difference, as rightfully an Islamic country. Fact: When the words that designate an enemy cannot be used to identify or profile an enemy, then that enemy is allowed to be invisible to those against whom it is the enemy, and being invisible as a rule of engagement, the probability of success in conflict favors the invisible. Fact: The US President and most of the US media have employed this rule against engagement that restricts the use of our military and law enforcement, and this is against the survival interests of the citizens of the United States. Fact: Not allowing a declaration of war against those who have declared war against us, thereby restricting our capability to bring our resources to bear and fight a war against an enemy, also allows the enemy free reign to infiltrate, mingle, and carry out their destructive goals nearly unopposed.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is possible that people in positions of influence and power can counter an argument by just substituting the word or phrase initially describing the argument with a different word or phrase of entirely different meaning, and then expect further argument to continue with final acceptance of the new word or phrase, without discussion or acceptance, as a form of sanity in a free country. This is similar to “The Affordable Care Act”. Islam is a religion that can melt into the historically unique American cultural pot if none of its laws, Sharia or other, take any precedence over the US Constitution, as all other Canon and religious law in the US is subject. Otherwise this Islam is just the Dark-Age militant theocracy that claims the right to govern supreme wherever it is and will move any other culture into slavery that it is allowed to infiltrate. American culture and values allow all to maintain their individual religious beliefs within our borders. Constantly referring to 'Extremist' Islam as only the peaceful religion it often presents itself to be, and not a governing theocracy its MOTster leaders (Imams, Punjabs, etc.) maintain through murder and extortion, is an example of the media presenting the antithesis of journalism while maintaining the illusion of journalism through the use of the historical integrity and reputation of the American public forum and its 1st Amendment rights. This MOT Ballot weighs, through a required rule of engagement, the theft by the President and the Media from Americans of the use of words and phrases that minimize and destroy entire efforts presented for discussion and action.

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