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General Subject: Obama Administration

Trans Pacific Partnership

Ballot creation date: 06/29/2016


Fact: TPP is a trading ‘Partnership’ between and among 12 nations. Facts: A government has rarely actually built anything of material value. It contracts things to be built. Some governments have provided the administrative services for enforcing laws, preventing chaos, citizen protection, and national defense. Many governments in partnership have also built nearly nothing to trade. Fact: The proposed TPP, not the US Government, will have powers over immigration, wealth redistribution, education, human rights, gay rights, same-sex marriage, gun control, health care, women's reproductive rights, abortion, sustainable development, pollution, wildlife and wetlands, and the authority to give foreign nations complete access and pricings to American markets regardless of what the producers of goods consider fair trade. Fact: The media people pushing TPP also pushed Obama Care prior to it becoming a law forced without majority consent onto the population in the United States. Fact: TPP is now not being pushed before the 2016 election by the Successor Presumptive of President Obama.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Sounds like those non-producing power groups along the trade routes of commerce in the year 680 AD battling over who has extortion rights, while calling the conflict a 'religious war'. The Facts are obvious to the most casual observers of history. The people in the US media, and the Democratic Party want something for nothing by participating in giving away the American store again in exchange for ‘New World Order’ brokerage fees (power, pomp, and money in the back door from other countries) to themselves. Our US government did not make America, or anything in it. We, of American culture, perfecting what our forefathers did, did. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from the American workers' earned money for their products and services, and hugely from American culture, by the proposed members of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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