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General Subject: Racism

West Point Racism

Ballot creation date: 05/17/2016


Fact: In May, 2016, sixteen of the seventeen graduating Black women from West Point this year assembled for a group photograph in uniform with clenched fists raised. Fact: This photograph was widely distributed and an investigation was made by the US Army to determine if any disciplinary action should take place. Fact: The Army, within days, cleared the Black female West Point Cadets of any offense. Fact: There are rules prohibiting military personnel from displaying political support as official representatives of the military (Department of Defense, Uniform Code of Military Justice Law). Fact: The raised 'black' clenched fist is a universal sign of defiance and solidarity for the “Black Lives Matter”, and previously by the “Black Panther” political movements.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

When in uniform, one represents more than one’s self. This photograph and investigation can be read as the United States Army condoning black radicalism within its own ranks. The incident was like a group of white male West Point graduates holding up an old sign, with ‘defiant’ clenched fists raised, that says “Irish Need Not Apply” to make a political statement for special recognition and esteem by overcoming old biases against the Irish. It also assumes some accomplishment and identity above and separate from the same accomplishment of graduation of their classmates from West Point. Irish Americans, along with Italian Americans and Polish Americans during the past 100 years assimilated and evolved into being just plain Americans. This racism is getting old, more expensive, extremely boring, and lately more dangerous. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from the integrity and good-will of all Americans through these Cadets' attempt to represent a political and race value of a US Army uniform by the color of their skin.

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