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Trump-Favorable and Biased Ballot

Ballot creation date: 04/12/2016


Fact: Kasich, whose father was a mailman, and still was a mailman no matter how many times it is repeated….. is a fine State Governor we hear, but outside Ohio voters have voted he is not what they want at this time to be President. Fact: Rubio, whose father was a Cuban immigrant bartender in Miami, who is an anchor-baby who’s citizenship is a question of US Statute, was disloyal to his benefactor and mentor Jeb Bush, is not equipped at this time to be President, voters have indicated this, and he is gone. Ingratitude is a character flaw of the first order. Fact: Hillary Clinton, whose parents are unknown to the public, is the least trusted politician in the United States by popular polls and common knowledge over a period of thirty years, is guilty of various crimes including felonies in the court of public opinion, and is therefore not equipped to be President, as indicated by most Democrats who were not caught in the Bill Clinton political machine. Fact: Jeb Bush, whose father and brother were Presidents, is a happy family-man who provided good public service in Florida as Governor. He has a fine tradition of inheriting money and name, and then going for what money can’t buy, but after seven years of Obama, American voters want someone with spiked shoes who will use them to tromp on most of Obama's policies, and told him to take the big non-relevant hike. Fact: Bernie Sanders, whose father is unknown to the public, is a Communist professing to be a Socialist, as if there is a big difference, and is very popular among young Democrats who don’t know the history of either Communism or Socialism, and while collecting benefits on the fine rug of Capitalism, is a flopping fish constantly running out of air. Fact: Ted Cruise, whose father was a Cuban immigrant into Canada and married a US Citizen, was not born in the United States and is Constitutionally unqualified to be President now, and for many billions of years into the future. A mother's Citizenship does not determine the geographic place of birth on the planet Earth. Yet he is a ‘Constitutional Scholar/Professor’ and says this isn’t so. His anti-establishment Obama-pounding ideas are readily accepted by millions of Americans, but have no use because of lying from the beginning about being a ‘natural born’ American, because a mother’s Citizenship cannot change where the child was actually born. So when the dust settles, few will believe his true motives for power because its start sprang from a lie. Fact: Trump’s father was an American Capitalist. Trump was naturally born within the borders of the United States. Being born in the United States also makes him a ”Natural Born US Citizen”, with a birth certificate that proves he is at least 35 years old, and a record of domicile within the United States for fourteen years, which satisfies all the Constitutional requirements for being President. Fact: Ben Carson also satisfies all the Constitutional requirements for being President, and has all the moral fortitude and applicable accomplishment and experience as Trump, but admits he does not possess the adversarial instincts and experience in dealing with some bad people here and in the world that is now required to get our country out of the Obama-created debacle we are in. 

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It is probably evident to most that each knows someone, if not themselves, who would have been a far better President than Obama. The problem is that getting what was an adequate President before Obama, now requires one who is without a doubt American in culture, birth, and good integrity and intent for America. Too much damage has been done. Part of Obama's early brain-forming culture is that he took hard drugs in school, “with great enthusiasm”, according to him in his book, and in summary was given the opportunity to cash in on the race card as being a ticket to an eight-year Disneyland trip, with all the rides free, which he has done so far. Trump has no habits except hair, family, work, and surrounding himself with beauty, and has the least baggage and highest record of Capitalistic achievement that this Capitalistic country has legally allowed. Who would not trade places with his lifestyle and not run at all in exchange for it? Is he doing it for power and esteem? All indications are that he is doing it for three reasons…1. Family obligation, (Who wants to leave their children real poverty of spirit or wealth if you can do something about it?) 2. Country obligation, (One has to give back as an American or it won’t last. Ask the US Military.) 3. Fun (Most who enjoy what they do, do it better than those who don’t enjoy it). All the other Candidates for President are fine, contributory people, except for perhaps Clinton. This MOT Ballot weighs the ‘Margin of Theft’ energy waste of media/American audience gnashings of teeth, Democratic and Liberal consternation, and non-dissection of every policy and political thing President Obama and his administration has done when not relating these actions to what Candidate Trump has already addressed.

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