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General Subject: Rules of Engagement

Human Shields

Ballot creation date: 03/04/2016


Fact: Presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would use ‘water-boarding and more’ on prisoners of war to obtain information. Fact: He was also accused of saying he would go after the families of ISIS combatants that are used as, ‘Human Shields’ around military targets.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

When 3,000 Americans are blown up, incinerated, crushed, or forced to jump to their deaths out of tall buildings HERE, it doesn’t seem rational to speculate long on whether or not to use water-boarding or anything else on whoever had needed information that could be used to eliminate future similar occurrences. In this war environment, ‘human shields’ have become no different than the 14-inch steel armor plating around battleships to make torpedoes ineffective. But “Human shields” can be made ineffective by just ignoring them. Call it collateral damage if desired. Human Shields can also be accurately called, “Another culture again using American empathy against America.” How rational is it to transport weapons and people thousands of miles and then have to discover absolutely, without a doubt, if there are innocent families placed around targets as a possible deterrent or warning of attack? This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of American lives (murder) by government sending Americans into harm’s way, and then restricting them from killing an entiity who provides aid to a modern, life-defeating, theological, non-country enemy.

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