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General Subject: Gun Control

Assault Rifles

Ballot creation date: 02/17/2016


Fact: “Assault Rifle” is a "Politically Correct" term that was invented to apply to American rifle owners during the Clinton Administration of the 1990s. Fact: This is a term that assigns an intent to the possession of something, like an ‘assault automobile’. Fact: The primary intents of American rifle owners are defense, protection, and deterrence from tyranny and terrorism for themselves, their families, and their property, all in keeping with their 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms. Fact: No one has the right to deny any non-risk sane, law-abiding, or non-criminal American citizen's ownership of any ‘arm’ in America for their own protection. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Law-abiding American citizens don’t buy guns or rifles for the intent of assault. M-16s, AR-15s, and Fifty Caliber rifles are not ‘assault’ weapons, unless in the hands of those who intend assault with them, such as criminals, soldiers, the mentally sick, religiously deranged, and others of invading countries such as the British during the War of 1812, and Mexican drug gang members, and human traffickers crossing US borders, or the designated mentally suspect, and thieves. A Bazooka can also be an 'arm' for defending one’s family if one doesn't mind trashing some furniture or shrubbery while safely defending themselves in their own house or yard. These are all arms we have the right to bear for reasons we, as Americans, have for our own protection under the law. What law-abiding Americans do with pistols or rifles to keep in practice, or as a hobby, is their business, whether for hunting, display, or anything within the law. Note that it’s those lawmakers who want to take guns away from the populace who are well protected themselves by all manner of guns. And taking them away from an American citizen, even for short periods during compliance with proposed and new regulations that apply to all citizens except them, can leave many Americans vulnerable to them during that time. Perhaps "Rapid-Fire Rifle" is a better, more accurate descriptive for this defensive arm. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the meaning of words by government lawmakers who use the word "assault" in relation to rifles, pistols, knives, cars or knitting needles.

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