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General Subject: Security

US Sailors Detained

Ballot creation date: 01/13/2016


Facts: Two PT-Type US Naval boats and ten crew members were detained in the Persian Gulf by the Islamic Republican Guard Navy (under the religious head of State), not the Iranian Navy (under the administrative part of the Iranian government) on 1/12/2016. These boats were stopped for allegedly being in Iranian-claimed waters after one suffered a mechanical failure. The Iranians confiscated the US GPS systems from the boats which could have established the exact position of the US boats as being in international waters or Iranian waters. The US crew members were filmed for international news while clasping their hands behind their heads, and wearing a cloth head covering if female (1). Fact: It is against International Maritime Law to detain vessels in national waters without warnings and receiving declaration of intent. Fact: It is against Geneva Convention Agreement to use prisoners in general for propaganda, demonstrating military victory, or making spectacles of them. Fact: Before the relative facts were known, the US Secretary of State apologized for the incident, and thanked Iran for quickly releasing the prisoners.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This is an example of the Iranians violating International laws and agreements, and the US President’s representative (Secretary of State) being in cahoots with them, after again violating US Constitutional law concerning the ‘Iranian Nuclear Bomb Deal’. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of integrity from International Laws by the US President ignoring them

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