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General Subject: Obama Administration

Closing Guantanamo

Ballot creation date: 12/19/2015


Fact: Three days ago (12/17/2015) President Obama stated on TV that the prison facility on the US Base at Guantanamo, Cuba is the greatest recruitment attraction for ISIS terrorists, and for this reason it should be shut down.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Prisons are attractive to some MOTs, or those who want everything done for them to survive without much movement, and especially without them working very much. Some parts of minority groups program their lives this way. Gitmo (Guantanamo) provides free shelter, clothing, specialty religious foods, soccer fields, entertainment, sundries, beds, laundry, vocational classes, and Islamic prayer rugs. The President, probably the most successful MOTster in history (living his entire life completely within the Margin Of Theft), who has even organized entire communities for redistributing wealth from others who make thiings, while building or producing nothing himself or for society, is probably correct. If the attractive US prison at Guantanamo, Cuba is continuously used to take in ISIS prisoners of war, then ISIS recruitment will continue to rise. And, given an increased success of this notion, then this prison would soon have to be expanded to comprise most of the entire island of Cuba, and there probably would not be enough land left for sugar cane, their only trade product aside from cigars, gambling, prostitution, and the tourist delight of seeing museum quality 1950’s American muscle cars, a main mode of transportation along with busses and donkeys. On the other hand, if the President thinks, which he could have stated, that the Prison at Guantanamo just makes Islamics angry enough to enlist and recruit into ISIS as the reason for shutting it down, then he has misjudged the character of Americans. We don’t care what anger anyone may feel who wants to kill us without cause or reason. One can argue that President Obama hasn't thought this through. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft, though minimal, of concerned American’s time and energy by the President to again have to read or listen to or take seriously his latest reason for shutting down the US prison at Guantanamo, Cuba.

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