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General Subject: Security

Chicago Demonstrations

Ballot creation date: 11/26/2015


Fact: Over a year ago a white Chicago policeman shot and killed a black person of past criminal behavior for allegedly committing another crime and presenting a threat while being apprehended. Fact: Last week a Chicago judge ordered the police videos released of the incident last year that showed the black person being shot under highly questionable circumstances. Fact: The police officer was immediately arrested for murder. Fact: Peaceful protest marches were immediately organized by black people in Chicago along a main street of commerce in Chicago during the Thanksgiving weekend of busy shopping to protest this killing of the black person by a white policeman. Fact: Many marchers violated the law by stopping and inhibiting free travel and free commerce. Fact: The protesters were not apprehended and prevented from illegal action by either the Mayor of Chicago or the Governor of Illinois. Fact: Although the black population is only 12.7% of the US population (2010 US Census), the black population of Chicago is much higher.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The purposes of these protests and demonstrations seems to have been to gain attention for money and demand the replacement of some officials. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from Illinois citizens of law enforcement and National Guard support and tax money from the intended purposes of upholding the law and guarding the Nation.

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