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General Subject: Rules of Engagement

Boots on the Ground

Ballot creation date: 11/17/2015


Fact: There is a US war against ISIS which is an Islamic terrorist group dedicated to killing and destroying all people who do not believe as they do, and who do not do as they believe. Fact: Islam is more a theocracy than a religion. It is a government of a state ruled by divine guidance, or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. Historically, unless those of the Islamic theocracy renounce their own governing laws, they cannot assimilate into, or govern in a culture of different laws without causing conflict associated with an invasion. Fact: At minimum, to be an American requires assimilating into the American culture by knowing and taking an oath to abide by the US Constitution of laws, and by speaking the English language.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

For different reasons, mainly by exclusively favoring Islam, this President desires few ‘Boots on the Ground’ in the Mid East. ‘Boots on the Ground’, to win a war has been necessary in past wars mainly for occupation and possession of a territory. Occupation and possession are not possible without ‘Boots on the Ground’ which largely prevents the enemy from continuing on. However, the US has no desire or need to either possess or occupy territory in the Mid East. And, the Mid East cannot yet manufacture items used in modern conventional war, like guns or bullets, tanks, vehicles, planes, rockets, radios or pen knives. They buy them, in this case, with oil and extortion money and ransom from terror. Since these don't work in the long run, they buy the technology to build nuclear weapons. The primary mission of the US President and the Military is, and has been, to protect the citizens of the United States from being harmed or killed. These protections have been provided by the US Military, largely through the deterrence that strength provides with both active and ready reserve military capabilities. Not five percent of this available US military technical strength has been used in the Mid East. Little to none of this military technical strength requires ‘Boots on the Ground’. The threat to US lives at home originates in ISIS strongholds and ISIS movements in the Mid East. One US aircraft carrier and one US missile cruiser could have completely eliminated the ISIS threat three years ago in approximately two days. Now the same two ships would take four days to do the job. The US doesn't need to gain control of the air. This was already done by showing up overhead. The US needs to gain control of its military to get the job done. As in the past 2,400 years, ‘Boots on the Ground’ will most likely continue to be worn by the indigenous people who live in the Mid East. While the US claims a dependency on foreign oil, it is not unreasonable to consider paying some Mid East country to use their entire country as a bombing range for competitive bombing derbies to keep Western military people sharp and in practice should a similar enemy appear somewhere that may require non-nuclear confrontation. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the waste of US lives by putting US ‘Boots on the Ground’ before utilizing our full air and space capabilities for a month against all ISIS facilities and all ISIS movement of personnel and oil.

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