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General Subject: Racism

Black Crimes Matter

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 03/25/2016


Fact: In 2010 Black people comprised 12.7% of the US population (US Census Report). Fact: Black people were un-Constitutionally exempted by race color from prosecution on 4/23/2010 for voting-law violations through a written policy directive to the FBI by former US Attorney General, Eric Holder. Fact: A Black crime was committed in Florida (2012) that caused a white neighborhood watch person to shoot the suspected Black larger male before having his own watchman's skull further bashed in on the sidewalk. Fact: A Black crime was committed in Ferguson, MO (2014) that caused the Black person to be apprehended prior to him being killed when re-attacking a policeman after the Black person committing a second crime. Fact: A Black known criminal was arrested in Baltimore (2015) that caused his death from a pre-existing injury exacerbated by unknown cause while alone in the back of a van on the way to the Police Station. Fact: The media gives minimum coverage to the numerous Black murders by Black people in Chicago and New York that result while crimes are being committed by Black people. Facts: Black people have their own national race organization, the NAACP = National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. There is no acknowledged or formal US association for the advancement of White, Yellow, or Red people who comprise approximately 87% of the US population. The obvious existing US association for the advancement of all colors without reference to race comprise those who support, defend, and adhere to the US Constitution. Later Facts (2020): Black Lives Matter (BLM) is now a global foundation credited as being started by three Black women from Los Angeles, CA. These women are named Alicia Garza, Patrice Colors, and Opal Smith. Their stated goal is to overthrow the American capitalistic system with Communism.   

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Most of these deaths would not have happened at the time without a crime being committed at the crime scene by a Black person first. However the litigation has been focused on racism against Black people without reference to the crimes committed beforehand or at the time, or during the altercation or enforcement of the law. The litigation supports that Black lives matter, but Black crimes don’t matter when justice is being delivered for the safety of citizens in the area. Instead, the Black racist goal does not strongly seem to be, but is, the obtaining of free money and unearned esteem by the Black crime perpetrator’s own race, family, and legal representatives, and by token Black politicos who represent them. They also prefer to settle out of court for public money, much like looting and extortion, for unearned ‘damages’, under the threat of violence if the ‘ransom’ is not met. Saying that ‘Black lives matter’ insinuates that there are some in America who believe that Black lives are worth less than other lives, whereas Americans do not feel this way. It is another cheap racist accusation. It is another way of attaching racist guilt to a White majority. If Americans felt this way, then eventually, after the Civil War, white, black, and yellow people wouldn’t have let ‘Black’ people vote, or have an education, or fight in wars, or socially desegregate ‘them’, or allow intermarriage, or allowing the attainment of high government positions like President of all Americans. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Obama/Biden/Media of the integrity of Americans of African ancestry, when the term, “Black Lives Matter” is not followed immediately by the term, “Black Crimes Equally Matter.

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