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General Subject: Global Warming

The Pope and Climate Change

Ballot creation date: 09/26/2015


Fact: During his USA visit this week, the Pope stated that there should be no mortal punishment for any sins committed on earth (no death penalty for mortal sins allowed on Earth), his aversion to abortion, that Climate Change should not be left to later generations to do something about, and that we needed to take stock of our responsibilities to the planet and expedite solutions now.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

These are great things to consider. This MOT Ballot addresses Climate Change. There is some capability of man to change weather in a local area in the form of causing rain during ideal conditions by the aerial seeding of clouds with silver-iodide crystals. Global climate changes have been caused throughout history by nature in the form of airborne particles ejected into the atmosphere from volcanoes that block out sunshine and result in global atmospheric cooling. Records and measurements are available to compare the effects of past volcanic activity to the modern effects of industrial atmospheric pollution. How many automobiles or tons of burned coal per year, for example, are equal to the 20 million tons of particulates expelled into the atmosphere by the Krakatoa volcanic eruption in 1883 that caused an average global temperature reduction of 2.2 °F (1.2 °C) for five years, and then returned naturally to previous temperatures long prior to 'Carbon Footprints'? How did this affect health, agriculture or flooding? How did the planet naturally recover regardless of man. How much has current American clean air and water actions helped and will help pollution? These answers, by identified and accredited historians, scientists, and meteorologists, without political cheating again on data records, would be required prior to rationally consider any next Climate Change moves that would not damage the future health and growth of all peoples, except MOTsters. This MOT Ballot weighs the current theft by Climate Change proponents of information on scientifically proven facts by a list by name of at least a hundred college-certified meteorologist's judgments prior to fees, penalties, policies, and regulations being expensively and seriously considered for implementation.

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