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General Subject: Immigration

Syrian Refugees

Ballot creation date: 11/03/2015


Fact: Millions of the Syrian population are exiting, or have exited, Syria. Fact: These exodus people have identified themselves as refugees. Fact: The majority of this exodus are young males of military age. Fact: 10,000 of these Syrian exiters have been allotted refugee status by the US State Department which also is to provide air transportation to the United States and free benefits upon arrival for an undetermined period of time. Fact: The media is now sending out 'feelers' for acceptance of an additional 200,000 illegal, un-vetted Syrian 'refugees' for admittance into the United States.  Fact: The US, or any country, hasn't the capability to adequately vet terrorists from these 10,000 or more immigrants.  Fact: Hundreds of thousands of this exodus have been blocked from immigrating into and through most Eastern European countries on their way to Northern European countries that have extensive welfare programs for immigrants without any assimilation requirements, but cannot afford them. Fact: None of the many wealthy Arab and Islamic countries in the area have provided interum refugee camps or allowances for permanent assimilation.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Eastern Europe has realized this week that it cannot afford to assimilate massive unproductive users of its internal resources without depleting, to an unhealthy degree, the health of its own population. The current United States President either has not recognized the same problem in the United States, or has and is successfully executed an ongoing plan to further degrade the United States in this way. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of US economic health, physical health, immigration laws, and general welfare of American citizens by the non-enforcement of US immigration laws by this President through importing between 10,000 and 250,000 illegal, un-vetted immigrants from a civil genocide and exodus that may also include active ISIS terrorists. Also see MOT Ballot, "Media Non-understanding" under MEDIA.

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