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Liberia, Culture, and Obama

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Fact: In 1816, the American Colonization Society or ACS (formerly, "The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America" who supported those freed blacks who believed they would face better chances for full lives in Africa than in the United States) founded, with the assistance of the British, the US Federal Government, and several US States, the sovereign and free State and Country of Liberia on the West Coast of Africa in 1821 as a homeland for freed ‘Blacks’ from America and the Caribbean islands. Fact: Liberia declared its independence on July 26, 1847 (recognized by the US in 1863) with a Constitution modeled after the US Constitution, and its capital Monrovia, named after US President James Monroe. Fact: Liberia was the first declared Republic in Africa. Fact: Throughout the past 168 years, Liberia has evolved into a military dictatorship known today for its corruption, and a population (about 4 million) that is 85 % below the poverty level by modern standards. Fact: The ‘Blacks’ in Liberia have a society that is not representative of a color, but one evolved of a culture similar to some cultures in the Mid East, that exists almost entirely within the Margin of Theft (MOT) for its leaders. Fact: "Liberia today is internationally known as a pariah state due to the use of blood diamonds and illegal timber exports to fund neighboring revolutions." (Wikipedia).

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Problems associated with the genetic attribute of skin color, in this case black, based on histories as in the above thorough example, are plainly false associations, in the unbiased analysis of this MOT writer. These problems are related instead to differences in values obtained from initial educations, environment, work, religion, and other things that make up the culture of a society starting from the early age educations and schoolings of those in the society. During the founding of the United States, these differences were known, and efforts since have been constant, progressive, and successful in assimilating and changing Black-African cultures, and all other cultures, into the American color-blind culture, or the ‘melting pot’. The great majority of Blacks freed during the US Civil War elected to stay in the United States, nearly all eventually assuming, and then inheriting American culture. The importance of culture during the founding of the United States was established by two of the three requirements for its top government leader to have in order to better insure he was of the new and historically unique American culture. 1. To have been naturally born here. 2. To have lived here for most of his formative years, or at least 14 out of (3rd requirement), the minimum age required of 35 years. With President Obama, the first was seemingly ‘verified’ by the Media to the satisfaction of most voters. The second was completely ignored by places and times, and all documentation relative to associations and educational institutions were sealed as if they actually existed, whereas they may not have existed. The 3rd requirement was assumed with an 'acceptance' of the first requirement being apparently satisfied. The American people were not informed through Media responsibility (FCC requirements) of President Obama’s probable culture and probable values. The facts that Presidential Candidate Obama said that he had campaigned in all fifty-seven (57) States "and maybe more", shows little or no grade-school education or awareness of just the physical makeup of this country. And his inability, as Commander in Chief, to three times not be able to correctly pronounce 'Marine Corps' in the English language reveals a cultural propaganda scam so large that it was difficult to be believed. His exhibited personal African, Indonesian, and Islamic cultures are also exemplified by his constant demeaning and distortion of American history and values. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of truth and fact by the Media not reporting those American aspects of culture that are historically and Constitutionally required and established by verified birth place, age, prior residence locations, associations, educations, and experiences that were in available sources about the Obama Candidate, and as are normally reported by the FCC Licensed Media on all who run for high office in the United States  

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