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General Subject: Obama Administration

Recognizing Cuba

Ballot creation date: 08/12/2015


Fact: President Obama formally recognized Cuba this date as a country with which to have formal diplomatic and trade relations with The United States. Fact: This action was against existing US law and without required Congressional approval. Fact: Nearly all useful monies gained by Cuba in past trade has gone to maintaining the power, control, and lifestyle of the Castro brothers and their entourage, and not much to the benefit of the Cuban people. Fact: The quality of life of the Cuban people has not improved during the fifty years of the Castro Communist dictatorship. Fact: This lack of progress during the past fifty years compared to the free world has been shown by continued and rampant human rights violations, no exodus or tourism allowed the people, no infrastructure improvement, and a transportation system consisting almost entirely of 50+ year-old American automobiles, a few buses, and donkeys.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The result of recognizing Cuba is the attainment of a one-way monetary and diplomatic relationship by the US with another country that is a burden to Americans. The United States has never needed a relationship with any Communist country except during a war against a Socialist dictatorship (USSR against NAZI Germany during WWII). But their leaders have always needed us to get rid of the dissidents they desire not to actually kill (look at Miami), to maintain internally generated wealth into the pockets of their leaders without interference relative to human rights, to steal from our technical research, investments, and ideas, and to have the internally mandated leadership status to remain themselves firmly entrenched safely inside the MOT. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from American energy, and its Constitution through illegal Cuban recognition, which allows a platform and leadership haven and springboard into other Communist enclaves in the countries of Central and South America.

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