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General Subject: Global Warming

Global Warming

Ballot creation date: 07/26/2015


Fact: The ‘movement against Global Warming’ has been replaced with the, ‘Movement against changes in climate caused by man that causes bad things to happen’ or as commonly referred to, “Climate Change”’. Fact: This change from Global Warming to Climate Change was due to the falsified data used to try and establish that the world was warming due to atmospheric particulates produced by mankind and which cause harm. Since adverse temperature increases caused my man has not been proven, the less definitive general change in climate can equally be blamed on mankind but without being associated with any annoying measurement. Fact: Many, including Hillary Clinton, have recently voiced support for the movement or war against Climate Change.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Since the climate has always, and is always, changing, and only God can do anything about it on a large scale area, the power of prayer has ensured that, as humans love a changing climate, that God has answered their prayers in perpetuity. Therefore another term needed to be invented by those who enjoy living entirely within the Margin of Theft (MOT) for the purpose of collecting money in fines, dues, penalties, charities, and begging. Original Sin, above all, was not to be the exclusive tithe or mandate for religious income. Unsubstantiated and forced guilt is a rich tactic for squeezing funds from a rich and empathetic society that can be legally taxed and fined without the individual resources to legally counter such government taxes and fines. What government MOT behavior could be next... a movement to fine American Indians for performing rain dances without a license? This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of money and time from the populace by anyone who supports current "Climate Change" activities.

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