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General Subject: Obama Administration

Iran Treaty

Ballot creation date: 07/07/2015


Fact: Today the US Secretary of State signed a nuclear arms limitation treaty with Iran. Fact: This un-Constitutional treaty, without Congressional approval, is also not referred to as a ‘nuclear arms elimination treaty’. Fact: The purpose of this treaty is to prevent, for a while, Iran from making nuclear weapons that would be capable of destroying the United States in return for the US giving them access and ownership of about $150+ Billion in questionably stolen funds slated to be used for world-harmful purposes. Fact: Iran maintains their intent and desire to physically destroy America. Fact: This treaty allows Iran the means to physically destroy the United States. Fact: A major and essential part of this treaty is to allow inspections by the US to ensure that Iran cannot make a nuclear weapon that can harm the United States in return for the US lifting trade sanctions against Iran. Fact: The treaty allows the United States to “press” or solicit Iran for permission to inspect nuclear development facilities in Iran. Fact: The President stated today that the US has attained 24/7 access to inspect all Iranian nuclear production facilities, which is not true. Fact: The trade sanctions will be lifted and Iran will receive the money before any inspections are scheduled to take place.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The treaty allows trading with someone who wants to destroy us by allowing them the means to destroy us. Is this worth the MOT reader’s time to evaluate? “Pressing” for permission to inspect the development of the means to destroy us from someone who wants to destroy us in return for allowing them the means while talking about inspections defies logic. The reader can decide whether or not this action by this President is in keeping with a long list of actions (see Ballot "Media Non-Understanding" of 10/23/2015) that are not in the best interest of the United States. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of national security by this President Obama false America treaty.

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