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General Subject: Racism

US Racism

Ballot creation date: 07/10/2015


Fact: To date there has been found no missing link that ties the human race to another animal species. Fact: Occasionally, races have been defined as differences in skin color, for example, Red, Black, Yellow, and White, while maintaining all at the same time belonging to the human race. Fact: These different skin-color defined ‘races’ have historically been directly related to specific cultures from specific geographic areas on the Earth. Fact: These different race-cultures have been grouped into names for  both colors and cultures.  Black, for example, is defined as a race, Hispanic (White) as a culture. Fact: The United States was established in part as a “melting pot” for people of all colors and all cultures. Fact: However, as ‘all men are created equal’ in the US, there was no cause or reason or possibility to change anyone’s color. Fact: Therefore the ‘melting pot’ made necessary provisions and requirements for all cultures to assimilate into our new and unique American culture. Among these provisions and requirements were to speak English, be familiar with the US Constitution, and know and adhere to the laws required for compliance by US citizens. Fact: These provisions and requirements have not been enforced by this President and much of his administration.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Actions of the past seven years of this Administration, without exception on any major issue, have not favored the continuance of American culture or its values.  All major actions have favored two general areas of intent. They are 1. A weakening of the United States in relation to all other countries on the Earth for the purpose of ‘spreading the wealth’ into the coffers of current American and Mid Eastern leadership. 2. A process favoring a reversion to the ancient and modern Mid East and African cultures. Mid Eastern cultures, such as Islamic and Bedouin, and African cultures such as Islamic, Watusi, Swahili, and Somalian are not American, procreate beyond their means, provide few products or services that anyone else wants or needs, and therefore migrate into and steal from other countries that can provide the advanced means for survival and entertainments they want, or threaten them with costly violence if such is not provided in exchange for nothing in return. Afro-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American are also not necessary ingredients to the American culture. Just as Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Irish-Americans, and Jewish-Americans of the past were not necessary parts of American culture. They were and are only identifiers of where these groups came from that melted into their newly acquired and unique American culture. And in keeping with American cultural values, all are allowed to practice under American law and the Constitution, any religion, or ethnic ceremony they may have brought with them without intereference to or from other Americans. The concern today is that Mid-Eastern and African cultures want to destroy America to increase their own leadership wealth. And the Mid-Eastern and African cultures that have infiltrated the American government under the guise of being of American cultural values, are providing themselves the tools of race and color baiting, ancestor abuse reparations forever, and other African cultural diversions of energies for this purpose, and at unsustainable long-term expense. Before this President, lying, an accepted, moral Islamic negotiation tool, was not allowed in government by American cultural values. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft and diminishment by the Obama Administration of American cultural wealth from all Americans through racism.

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