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General Subject: Constitution

Supreme Court & O-Care 2

Ballot creation date: 06/18/2015


Fact: The Obama Care law was presented to the US Supreme Court for a determination of compliance with the US Constitution. Fact: In the presented law, the several (50) States were referenced collectively as “States” seven times for various references relative to powers and responsibilities. Facts: The Supreme Court is required to only review cases and the words in them as they are presented to them. The Supreme Court is not allowed to change any words in any cases presented to them for judgment. Fact: This Supreme Court, in this Obama Care case did not change a single word in the case presented to them. Fact: This Supreme Court, in this case, stated that they changed the meaning of the word, ‘‘States” to mean, “Federal Government”, and made their decision based on their new meaning of the word, “States”, based on no precedent, dictionary definition, or jurisprudent example in any US court, or in the use of accepted language as used in the rational histories of mankind.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Who do these people think they are? Where do they think they are? Societies communicate legally through their language. The language of the United States is English. It is by law a requirement to know English prior to gaining citizenship. It is understood and accepted that all US citizens understand English. The English language is comprised of words. The US Constitution itself is comprised of words. These words in the English language have meanings found in universally accepted dictionaries and through common usage. The word ‘States’ was used seven times in presenting an Obamacare Law to the Supreme Court for judgment as to its Constitutionality. It is known, verified and accepted that this word was necessary as meaning the commonly accepted fifty (50) US States or it would not have passed the Congress. The Supreme Court majority implemented its own definition of the 50 States to mean the Federal Government instead, to apply to their judgment, which is beyond the realm of rationality. This change in the meaning of an important and pivotal word by these few with the powers given, comprises a huge theft of communication necessary in a free society, the US Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the integrity of the American people. When the meaning of any words used in the process of governing are summarily changed by a few to mean something entirely different than the dictionary and the universally accepted meaning, and this new meaning is implemented by force, then there is no democracy. The Supreme Court changed the applications of English Dictionary language words like ‘mandate’, ‘tax’, ‘State’, and ‘Federal’, and used their invented meanings to shove the ‘Constitutionality’ of a law down everyone’s throat who abides by the law. The ‘Liberals’on the Supreme court used different meanings of  key words and then , while ignoring accepted American meanings of these words, pronounced their determination of  a law, using their ‘new word meanings’ to be in accordance with the US Constitution. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the US Supreme Court of the intended use of  the word, ‘States’ and replacing it with a different meaning and purpose than the meaning presented, thereby nullifying the entire purpose of the language of the law presented to them for judgment, which is insane

Please see MOT Ballot, "Supreme Court & O-Care 1", creation date, 6/21/2012

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