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General Subject: Obama Administration

N-Word & Obama

Ballot creation date: 06/21/2015


Fact: President Obama today stated, “Racism. We are not cured of it and it’s not a matter of it being not polite to say n***** in public.Fact: He also said, “Societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

These statements are more definitive of who Obama is as a person than of any helpful goal or policy statement. The first fact separates himself from all other Americans by self-proclaiming the right of him alone to be impolite enough to say the unabridged impolite version of the N-word, and in public. He is not talking to the problem of racism, but lighting a fire to it. He is accentuating and reviving a word that does not exist in public for the purpose brought out in the second statement. This purpose is that no matter what tremendous gains have been made, sustained, and institutionalized concerning Black Racism during the past hundreds of years by free societies, there is still more free money and entitlements to be squeezed out of  87% White, Hispanic, and Asian American empathy and forced guilt, while he emphasizes that there will be no end in sight. (Societies don't, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.)  He, and those few prominent Blacks here, have used Black racism, to no advantage to the Black minority during his tenure, much the same way slave brokers did in Africa 200 to 300 years ago. What culture of people do you think went into the jungles of Africa to get the slaves to markets on the west coast of Africa in the first place? It wasn't White people. “Roots” didn't quite cover all the roots. It appears that some African culture has been brought to America along with slaves, and because of darker skin, that genetic color difference has been used to separate those with that general color from the one human race. 150 years ago, in an attempt to purge the vestiges of Black Racism and bad feelings, an entire country was 'created' by the United States and Britain in Africa for African Negro cultures to return to if they wanted. It is called Liberia. Some returned. Many elected to stay and become, not Americans, but many as Black Americans. Sixty years ago it became illegal in America to practice 'racism'. This American President, without personal public records of cultural exposure and education (It is very easy to place under seal things that don't exist), was elected largely to rid once and for all the nearly extinct biased 'racist' attitudes in this country. But it just re-kindled the fire, not of what is normally called 'racism', but a part of an African culture, in spite of the overwhelming majority of Americans of African cultural decent that have assimilated and embraced American culture and language and are Americans.  When he said, "You didn't build that." (Referring to America's vast infrastructure) he was professing that Americans didn't build anything, regardless of this country's exceptional accomplishments for all of the human race during its existence. 'Racism' is not an 'ism' professing mistreatment of people of any color. It is an 'ism' that uses a color of historical mistreatment to threaten disobedience to American law if free things are not provided without work. In America it appears to be a movement of an ancient and modern African culture, much like Islam, that divides, destroys, kills, and builds little, with the primary purpose of those leaders that have the time, and can steal from the occupied defenseless, including their own, who actually produce things and provide services. You don't see ISIS driving around in, or using any modern weapons and materials that they could possibly make themselves. Like any virus, their culture cannot survive without a host society upon which to feed until both are dead. This MOT Ballot weighs the Presidential theft of past accomplishment from Americans who completed advances against 'racism' for the purpose of presenting a reason to perpetuate and increase special entitlements and expenditures forever to anyone (unlike him) who possibly had ancestors who were once slaves in America.

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