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General Subject: Media

Media News Manipulation

Ballot creation date: 06/16/2015


Fact: A lone gunman shot and killed nine people while attending a prayer meeting in a South Carolina Church. Fact: The response from the relatives and survivors of the nine persons killed showed a profound, sane, and empathetic sense of feeling and forgiveness that was in keeping with the highest and best values that a civilized society has. Fact: Law enforcement is doing its job. Fact: Two dangerous criminals are still at large from a NY high security prison. Fact: A massive law enforcement effort is underway to find them. Fact: The Pope announced his endorsement for climate change or other names that include extracting monies from people to pay endorsers of climate change solutions in an attempt to save the world from human destruction.



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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

All of these things are being dealt with for the people by those American methodologies included within the US Constitution. There is no voting by the people, including public demand, that will make any difference at present to the people on the outcome of these areas of public interest. However these items of public interest have presently replaced in the media two ongoing legal issues concerning high government officials that affect all Americans, now and into the future. One is the Louis Lerner and IRS violation of tax laws that are vital to the interests of all Americans if violators are not brought to justice and prevention of future occurrences put in place. The other is a murder trial of national public interest of the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi, and the proven illegal destruction of relative documentation and records to this public trial by a person now running for President of the United States. These two ongoing investigations have been almost completely ignored by the media for weeks and months at a time during a national election. This MOT Ballot weighs the diversion or theft of main-stream media time for long-drawing out attentions to episodes of insignificant national importance than to a constant exposure to unresolved legal proceedings during an election to the Presidency. Because of recent Presidential and Cabinet treasonable accusations with cause, a complete vetting of Presidential candidates is arguably more important today that at any time in the past.

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