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General Subject: Constitution

Biker Drug Dealers

Ballot creation date: 05/17/2015


Fact: Over 170 bikers congregated at a restaurant in Waco, Texas to argue through diplomacy their gang differences. Fact: 170 of these bikers were apprehended by the Texas Police and placed in hand-cuffs. Fact: Because of their actions against one another, these bikers put bystanders at risk of being in the way of flying bullets, and violated the restaurateurs' first amendment Constitutional right of peaceful assembly for lunch or any reason whatsoever. Fact: This is a serious offense in Texas.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

You'd think these biker drug-muffins would have gotten the hint after the quick, no-fuss Texas police head shots on the over-armed Islamic cartoon haters last week... who could have saved money, and probably their lives, by just using those kiddie pistols with the flag that comes out of the barrel saying, "BANG!". The visiting- bikers, with their circular firing squads, were fine examples of Mid East diplomacy, and were dealt with by non-racist police action. But they did add to the fine Texas museum gun collection to show their grandchildren later. It was overheard by this MOT writer,  'Yep, Peggy Sue, back in the day there were actually people like this who visited Texas. Not as fun to round up as Longhorns and rattlesnakes though.' This MOT Ballot weighs the waste of opportunity by the media to praise and honor Texas law enforcement (along with the Ferguson, Baltimore, and New York police) as fine American working law-enforcement examples for cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

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