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General Subject: Media

Film/Video Manipulation

Ballot creation date: 04/15/2015


Fact: MSNBC began cosmetically aging current video clips of people in its news coverage. Fact: This manipulation of film consists of adding white streaks and black dust specks that indicate dirty lenses and camera mechanism imperfections. Fact: These black dust specks and streaks are in the same positions and sequencing on several different clips that comprise a template of the same imperfections.

Later Presidential debate DNC teleprompter manipulation:

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

These manipulations are of national news video recordings that can be considered negative to the Obama administration or political interests of MSNBC. The recordings themselves are necessary to include in comprehensive news coverage. Because these added video imperfections are typical of WWII, Korean War, and Cold War 16mm and 35mm Mylar news films that are in the national consciousness, a first impression of the clips is that of them being old, whereas they are shown within days of recording. The immediate connection therefore is that the subject of the news clip is old news. This manipulation of video news coverage is to give the impression that it is archival and of no immediate importance, though necessary for MSNBC to include in the interest of being viewed as ‘comprehensive coverage’. It also targets uninformed and non-technical voters that would see it as old and therefore not of immediate importance. This may seem a small thing, but it shows the lengths that some media entities will go to in order to make even the slightest false impression for political purposes. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of integrity from all American news journalism that MSNBC displays by this manipulation.

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