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General Subject: Mid East

Mid East Nuclear Negotiation Culture

Ballot creation date: 03/27/2015


Fact: The Mid East is largely midway between East and West. Fact: Because of its position it historically has developed cultures that extort from trades along the East-West routes, providing little or no manufactured goods or services that anyone else wants or needs. Fact: They do, however, sell the natural resource of oil that they possess underground where many of them live, and which they cannot use without Western technology. Fact: The development of goods developed in the West has progressively created a Western dependency on this energy natural resource (oil) located in the Mid East. Fact: The various countries and cultures of the Mid East have increasingly fought over the natural resource of oil and the associated powers and accouterments of wealth it provides to the controlling elite. Fact: This turmoil, after WWII, necessitated a stable window for the West to help ensure the steady flow of oil to the West. Fact: This stable country-window had to be trusted and friendly to the US, and have no interest in expansion or acquisition of other people’s land and possessions. Fact: That friendly US window is the State of Israel, established largely by the US in 1947, not unlike Kowloon was to China, and Hong Kong to the British during the entire last century. Fact: The ongoing stability of the Mid East has deteriorated markedly and dangerously for the world during the past six years. Fact: This deterioration has reached a point of actual discussion by the West to allow countries the possibility of possessing nuclear weapons who proclaim the goal of killing everyone in the West with nuclear weapons if they had them. Fact: Most of surface Islam is a religion, but underneath it is a political ideology that uses some aspects of this 'peaceful' religion to disguise the cultural and historic goal of theft through the means of death and destruction of other people.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

'Strategy' is normally used to indicate a big plan for what to do. 'Tactics' are accepted as methodologies of how to execute a plan. The US strategy for the past six years has been, under the guise of ignorance and having no strategy, to create the necessary instability in the Mid East that could further weaken the US worldwide. In the Mid East, this has enabled the leaders of variations of Islam to hold the Western world ransom under threat of great destruction. (This is also in keeping with a nomadic Bedouin tent and tribal philosophy of the seventh century that produces little to trade.) The US has, and has had since WWII to the present, the tactical means and materiel to turn any Mid East country's offensive machinery and facilities into rubble with conventional weaponry within about twenty-four hours. The US has not done this recently because a WWII type threat has not yet become apparent, and appeasement seems publicly more favorable than the guilt associated with foreign non-combatant deaths that may result. Removal of a nuclear threat against the US is not in keeping with the ‘unknown’ or unbelievable strategy of the current US top leadership. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of more Western life by the US President not implementing a strategy to eliminate, without negotiation, all material and facilities for the production and delivery of nuclear weapons in all countries who have caused and profess to cause future death to all citizens of the United States. (Another wording: This Mot Ballot addresses a reasonable strategy to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, and chaos for the purpose of enhancing longer and happier lives for ourselves and everyone else in the free world.)

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