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General Subject: Immigration

Homeland Security Budget 7/13/2015

Ballot creation date: 07/10/2015


Fact: The US House of Representatives passed a bill to be forwarded to the US Senate that would fund the Department of Homeland Security but without including funding for illegal immigration process monies desired by the President that is considered by many to be unconstitutional. Fact: This week, a Federal judge’s decision was that the President's Executive Order concerning these illegal immigration requirements was unconstitutional. Fact: This Federal judge’s decision is expected to be appealed by the President. Fact: The media (Chris Wallace) asked why the Speaker of the US House of Representatives was allowing the Department of Homeland Security to go unfunded and thereby risk national security. Fact: The Speaker of the US House of Representatives answered that [because the House of Representatives had passed a Homeland Security funding bill) “The House has done its job.” And that, “Now it is time for the US Senate to do its job".

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This 'question' is confusing to the public to the extent that it may not be worth considering as presented. Legal concerns over illegal immigration are not a part of presently securing the homeland. Homeland Security, along with the Department of Justice, is responsible for enforcing existing laws. The House of Representatives has done its job with this funding Bill. The US Senate is expected to vote on this Bill, thereby doing its job. The President then votes. If the funding budget for Homeland Security is vetoed by the President, then the US Senate can vote to override the veto. If the bill is not overridden, then the bill dies, and the employees of Homeland Security will have to wait a week or so before being paid through emergency methods of funding, while ¾ of them, being “essential” remain paid on the job, and the others are watching TV and concentrating with every waking moment on not instantly starving to death before their full compensation arrives in a week or two. This MOT Ballot weighs the media's theft of public attention away from the simple job descriptions of those in authority, and why they are not doing their jobs, instead of on what danger we might experience by them not doing their jobs.

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