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General Subject: Immigration

Measles Immigration

Ballot creation date: 02/01/2015


Fact: The illegal immigration of many tens of thousands of children was allowed and encouraged by President Obama during the past year. Fact: Most of these children immigrated from countries that have no comprehensive, effective, or available inoculation program against communicable diseases. Fact: One of these diseases is measles. Fact: The United States virtually eliminated measles within the United States over forty years ago through inoculation. Fact: The Obama Administration has exposed the United states to disease through the allowance and encouragement of immigration of children from disease-ridden countries who are carriers of measles and other diseases such as tuberculosis. Fact: This influx of the measles virus has increased the medical costs to Americans for both treatment of the disease brought in, and for the prevention of death to exposed American children.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears clear to millions of Americans that President Obama does not like the United States. But certainly germ warfare is not the case here. Instead, it is more likely another oversight of what to consider when ignoring the historical immigration laws and procedures required for immigration into the United States during the past 200 years. Instead of addressing a ‘mistake’, the President has diverted attention toward the reservations some American parents have against a forced vaccination program with a new or marginally proven vaccine. This MOT Ballot weighs the triple theft of American moneys forcibly spent on the health care of foreigners, the theft of time and money required to deal again with a medical problem that was previously solved in the United States, and the theft by the President of attention away from the cause and cure of a new measles epidemic and toward some political blame attached to caring US parents.

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