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General Subject: Taxes

Corporate Taxes

Ballot creation date: 01/21/2015


Fact: The US has the highest corporate tax rate of any country. Fact: Tens of thousands of US corporations have moved much or all of their operations overseas because of high corporate tax rates. Fact: This movement overseas also moves thousands of jobs overseas and results in the additional income tax loss to the US Treasury. Fact: Corporate tax is a double taxation for the same product. First, the Corporation (the 'body' that produces the product) is taxed. Then the employees who are the same 'body' (who produce the same product) are taxed for their income from the profit that their company receives from the sale of the product, and distributes this taxable re-profit to them, called 'personal income tax'. First the corporation is taxed for profit made on selling a product, then all the employees are taxed on what is left of the profit that was made on selling the same product.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This movement of a tax base that results in both loss of revenue and loss of jobs is indicative of either government math dysfunctionality, or the proverbial 'enemy within'. If the former, policy makers should be tasked with displaying a mathematical validation for high corporate tax rates, or if the latter, it can best be described as 'brilliant'. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of jobs and revenue away from US Citizens through an unreasonably high corporate tax rate.

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