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General Subject: Racism

New York Police

Ballot creation date: 12/19/2014


Fact: Two NY Policemen were shot and killed while on duty sitting in their patrol car by a ‘Black' Islamic male. Fact: There was no altercation, confrontation, or discussion between the killed Policemen beforehand and the assailant. Fact: During the previous week in NY City, 'Black' protestors were allowed by the NY Mayor DeBlasio to protest against the NY Police while they illegally obstructed and restricted public access and use of roads and bridges. Fact: The NY Mayor also enhanced a negative feeling toward the NY Police by publicly announcing that he had warned his half ‘Black' son about a race bias of the Police against ‘Black’ people. Fact: At the time of the murders, the NY Police had the reputation of being the best in the world by having recently reduced the murder rate in NY from around 3,000 per year to about 300 per year, mostly in ‘Black’ communities. Fact: Shortly after the murders, the NY Mayor publicly emphasized that it was a ‘Time to step back and focus on the families [of the murdered Police Officers]’.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

To encourage ‘Focusing on the families’ welfare by someone who enhanced the conditions leading to the Police family losses constitutes an egregious insult to anyone who would not naturally do otherwise, and also insults the intelligence of those who would also immediately focus on the quickly perishable forensic evidence underlying the cause of the tragedy. This MOT Ballot weighs the contribution to the theft of lives by the Mayor of NY through his actions both before and after the tragedy.

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