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General Subject: Immigration

Immigration Control

Ballot creation date: 11/18/2014


Fact: The terms “Immigration”, “Illegal immigration”, “Border Control”, “Deportation”, “Amnesty”, and “Citizenship" are all addressed by existing US laws, and have been, without threat to US existence, for nearly two hundred years. Fact: These laws are not enforced today. Fact: A country is not a country if it does not have secure borders, otherwise it is a caliphate of meandering local power influences without a 'government by the people'.

Later White House Press Secretary - History of US Illegal immigration: 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

During 2014, a ‘comprehensive’ immigration bill has continued to be an attempt to tie amnesty together with border control as if they are not mutually exclusive, but tied to one another in the false premise that one cannot happen without the other. This was tried before (1986) where amnesty was granted by a Republican President for 3 Million Illegal Immigrants in exchange for a Democratic Congressional promise to secure the borders, mainly with Mexico. The Illegal immigrants were immediately made legal, and the ‘secure border’ part of the agreement became a twenty-year joke. The Democratic Party tried the same thing again in 2006 when the Southern border became increasingly less secure, but there could be no bi-partisan bill to first just close the border with Mexico. Democratic Congresspersons insisted on ‘comprehensively’ attaching border control to more amnesty for more illegal immigrants due to not carrying out their part (budgeting) of the 1986 law. Today the US Attorney General and the President refuse to enforce existing laws, have not allowed States to enforce the same laws that are the Federal Government’s responsibility, and illegal immigrants  have risen to a minimum estimate of 11 million people. This is, of course, theft and various sequestrations of the use of existing US resources to secure the border with Mexico, in addition to the theft to US citizens of welfare resources, free and obligated emergency medical care, infrastructure usage and wear without compensation, money for increased drug and terrorist interdiction costs, job competition for US citizens, and the degradation of existing educational institutions through teacher overload, increased class sizes, and multi-language limitations. The purpose for not just enforcing existing immigration law, but of enhancing illegal immigration is to change a Democratic or socialistic voting base in the Republic of the United States. This results in more people who are dependent on the US Government for their physical existence, and who will thereby increase the Democratic or socialistic voting percentage of the population. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft and sequestration of the use of US National Guard, Coast Guard, Navy (the Rio Grande River is international water.) and Homeland Security resources  by all Congresspersons who either do not support and vote for a single bill to secure the border against illegal immigration, or who support a ‘comprehensive’ bill that ties promised border security to any form of amnesty or other attachment. 

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