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General Subject: Racism

Ferguson Riots

Ballot creation date: 11/19/2014


Fact: A white police officer shot and killed a black man on 8/8/2014 in Ferguson MO after armed-robbing a convenience store, blocking traffic, and doing bodily harm to the police officer. Fact: All proposed criminal indictments against the white police officer were dropped by a State Grand Jury on 11/24/2014. Fact: Several hundred protesting people from outside the town of Ferguson arrived several days later to the town of Ferguson and before the Grand Jury announcement was made on 11/24/2014. Fact: Major looting of small businesses took place in Ferguson and demonstrations took place in other US cities during the same night of 11/24/2014. Fact: The looters and destroyers of public and private property did not have time to read the list of evidence that was considered and immediately made available by the Grand Jury prior to the commencement of their agenda to loot and destroy public and private property.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

In this case, it is difficult to come to a conclusion concerning theft without first using words in the English language that define who is whom, and what is what. (Also see MOT Ballot titled 'N-Word & Obama 6/22/2015' in section, OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that addresses race in relation to culture.) Because this action is suspected of falling within the MOT, the MOT herein defines what is being talked about in the news with MOT definitions. ‘Black’ people consist largely of people with dark or black colored skin. Virtually all of them are of the Negro race or culture, just as most ‘White’ people are of the Caucasian and Aryan races or cultures. Asian, Mongoloid, Indian, and American Indian races are not normally associated with a color. The name Hispanic is associated with neither a race nor color, but rather a country of a predominate religion. Islamics are a mix of many races associated with a government-religious cult some of which have a professed goal of exterminating all other cultures after stealing all they have beforehand. The MOT defines ‘Black Racism’ in the United States as a movement described with a color (but includes all colors), and not the race that it desires to assume, being Negro, which it is not. One would think from media coverage that the Negro race in America, especially with a ‘Negro’ President who is also 'Black', comprises a large percentage of the population. However the US Census of 2010 shows only a 12.7% ‘Black’ population. MOT Poll research indicates that the ‘Black’ cult or movement has disallowed even the mention of the word Negro because it may share a basis with the unmentionable and derogatory N-word, and at the same time, by default, 'Black' includes all of the Negro race into their being in the same ‘Black’ movement or cult, which they are not. In summary, most people in the Black Racists cult are 'Black', but all of the Negro race are not 'Black Racists'. Race differences of skin color have now become cause for stealing from others in society under guise of promoting Civil Rights of no specified description or desire. Actions and evidence show that racism relative to the Negro race, called 'Black Racism', creates attention, confusion, and nearly round-the-clock coverage of lawless actions during legal demonstrations against lawful government decisions for the purpose of obtaining attention for free sympathy-public-money, goods, and peer esteem as payback entitlement for slavery associated crimes against many long dead Negro people of previous generations in the United States. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft to society of energies, lives, and resources by this President and the Media promoting and allowing illegal Black marches, actions, lootings, demonstrations, and voting intereferences.

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