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ISIS Update

Ballot creation date: 10/13/2014


Fact: The White House Press Secretary was asked today if we were succeeding or winning in the war against ISIS.  Fact: To paraphrase, the White House Press Secretary answered that, 'we have successfully put together a coalition of sixty nations and in answer to the question, yes we have been successful so far.' Fact: It was reported in the media that the White House Press Secretary stated that we were winning or succeeding in the war against ISIS. Fact: This same date the President later indicated that we were not yet winning the war against ISIS.



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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is becoming a more pervasive technique that when the Presidential spokesperson does not like a question, he or she will rephrase the question into one that they are more comfortable with, and answer that one instead. Often a news person will repeat the original question several times and still get an answer to an invented question as if the invented question was the original question. The result is a waste or theft of taxpayer time by a spokesperson while the spokesperson is speaking under the false guise of a responsible person in an important position who is supposedly relating useful and necessary information, and that ultimately the public is paying them to provide. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft of time and attention received from White House spokespersons regarding ISIS from taxpayers by suffering false and insulting non-journalistic opinions and babble to straightforward questions

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