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General Subject: Health Care


Ballot creation date: 09/30/2014


Fact: The Ebola flu virus has most recently spread in a defined area of Africa. Fact: The Ebola flu virus has similar fatal attributes as that which caused the 1918 flu pandemic that resulted in 50-100 Million deaths worldwide. Fact: Two US medical researchers of the Ebola virus in Africa knew a great deal about the contagious possibilities of the virus, but became infected with the fatal disease. Fact: Instead of attempting to treat and contain the disease in Africa where it was contracted, the two medical researchers were allowed by the Obama Administration to be brought across US borders to the United States for treatment. Fact: Recently the Obama Administration also sent 3,000 US military personnel to Africa to build facilities and take other actions to contain the disease. Fact: The universal and historical practice of ‘quarantine’ is based on the probability of zero propagation outside the area of infection if no environmental, physical, or personal contact of the infected is physically allowed into areas of the uninfected. Fact: This quarantine practice has been such a universal common-sense approach to the safety of humanity that the first two men on the moon were kept in environmental quarantine for weeks even when there wasn’t any evidence of virus, germs, or other organism on the moon, or having ever been there. Fact: Initially, public concern was reduced to complacency when 320 million US lives were placed at risk by the Obama administration in exchange for the successful medical treatment of 2 people.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

When people on the news say there is very little risk of the Ebola virus spreading in the United States from people who have been brought here under the strictest of environmental and physical control, they are implying a degree of high safety. “Very little risk’, or ‘Very, very little risk’, or ‘Virtually no risk’, is a subjective evaluation based on no explained historical experience. These are far different probabilities than being able to say that there is ‘no risk’ or 'zero risk' concerning any of this virus infecting people here when both the people and whatever virus they may be carrying are not here. Zero risk is possible only when the viruses remain there. The Atlantic Ocean provides one major quarantine wall. Air travel can penetrate this, and the Pacific wall. Our Southern border can presently be easily compromised by government policies of both sides. This MOT weighs the theft of available taxpayer monies spent without first containing this virus at its areas of origin.

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