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General Subject: Mid East

Non-Declaration of War

Ballot creation date: 08/31/2014


Fact: After many acts of war by the US against various individuals and organizations of Islamic terrorism the State Department stated today, 2 September, 2014, that the US would not declare war on ISIS. (FOX News report: “The State Department refused to label the Sotloff beheading as an act of war.”)  Fact: As in the past, in spite of many actions of war by the US against terrorism, the US has not declared a State of War against Islamic terrorism. Fact: Every effort has been made by the US Justice Department to try terrorist acts of war by Islamic persons against the US as civilian crimes to be tried in civilian courts of law, not by the US UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

In the President's analysis and conclusion, stated on 9/3/2014, “The US can shrink ISIS influence to where they are a manageable problem.” To "shrink influence" is the same as leaving alive and free those who are known to have killed thousands of US Citizens, Christians, other Muslims, homosexuals, and those who will not convert to Islam. It is also leaving the same people alive who openly state their goal of killing nearly all of these people in the future for the repeated and clear reason that that is just what they want to do. It also appears that nearly every major action taken by this President has been in a direction that favors a world socialistic method of government control, and Islamic support when useful to weaken the US. These actions have comprised methodical restrictions through Administrative regulation to the basic right of profiling for defense, US energy resources, military capabilities, economic solvency, personal spendable income, border integrity, legal immigration, education, and the rules of law. Islamic dogma supports lying to or even killing one’s ‘Brother’ (of Islam) as long as it is in the best interest of all ‘true believers’. This President’s actions have used faith, hope, race, change and promise as tickets to ride a train of confusion, delay, and diversion concerning existing laws and ideas that are vital to the welfare and security of US Citizens. The Congress will not declare a US State of War worldwide on Islamic terrorists because the President declares that the US is not at war with Islam, which is a peace-loving religion. His actions have comprised innuendo, seeds of confusion, intentional vagueness of purpose, hollow threats, firings of successful Generals, and token piecemeal operations far below US military conventional capabilities. This MOT Ballot weighs the general theft, through sequestration of military and civilian resources by the US Congress not declaring war against ISIS (or ISIL).

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