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General Subject: Mid East

ISIS - Air strikes

Ballot creation date: 08/24/2014


Fact: ISIS is a ‘caliphate’, or an organization whose actions are the result of an ideal or belief system. Fact: This Caliphate (ISIS or ISIL) does not produce guns, tanks, planes, TVs, computers, automobiles, rockets, ammunition, refrigerators, clean water, paved roads, or any of the temporal requirements and improvements of human life, or any of the mechanisms for the defense of those who do. Caliphates steal these mechanisms and advancements. Fact: This ISIS caliphate organizes communities for the purpose of first stealing from, and then taking over communities who only have time to produce things, thereby enslaving. Fact: All life on earth is considered secondary or expendable to the lives of these caliphate leaders by these caliphate leaders, including the lives of these caliphate members. Fact: The goal of nearly all caliphates is successful and uncompromising theft. Fact: The instrument of attainment of this caliphate is the constant threat of both spiritual and physical death preceded by the actual implementation of physical death. Facts: Recorded history has shown that caliphates cannot survive after the host States’ populations have been consumed by death and overwork. Nature has also shown that viral and parasitic organisms do not survive after the host organism has been consumed.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Caliphate and Islamic leaders seem to fear, above all, work. Because survival is a natural trait or desire of all organisms, all organisms have some genetic programming for defense to help insure survival. Human organizations, however, can act differently than individual organisms and survival can often become a matter of discussion. The ISIS organization has stated clearly that its goal is the death of all human beings in the West, and the United States in particular. They have consistently followed this death goal through terrorism in their own hemisphere, and have stolen the means by which to begin implementing this goal in the United States. ISIS has declared war on the United States. The United States has declared war on all terrorism. Why would one organization without the current means, profess a desire to kill all those in another organization without themselves having the means to do so? And why would the stronger organization, after suffering much death from the other, not eliminate the threat of future similar occurrences? Doing the first is insane. Not doing the second seems insane. Having military equipment and personnel on hand as a deterrent for national survival when not implemented when threats become real and active turn that capability into a state of uselessness. The deterrent becomes an expensive theft of people’s lives and wealth for political desires. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Obama Administration (non-use or sequestration) of existing and available US military air capability to destroy terrorist movement, materiel, sites, and personnel in Syria and Iraq.

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