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General Subject: Racism

Ferguson, MO

Ballot creation date: 08/07/2014


Fact: August 9, 2014 - A teenager was shot to death by a police officer during or shortly after burgling a convenience store. Fact: Approximately one hundred people from outside the town of Ferguson arrived during the next few days and violently protested (with thrown objects including ‘Molotov cocktails’ which are bottles of flammable liquid thrown at police.) for something not defined except in general terms for justice and fairness, and calling for the arrest of the police officer. Major looting of small businesses took place by others while the crowd of protesters occupied the police. Fact: The State Governor called up the National Guard and established riot control with tear gas and a curfew for a few days, then disestablished it. Fact: Prominent people representing an ongoing human rights movement for ‘Black” people arrived for public statements and were referred to as Race Entrepreneurs and Poverty Pimps.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Same stuff, different day (See Zimmerman MOTs)…. ‘Black’ person shot dead by a ‘white’ person during or after committing a crime of burgling and/or assault. Because these crimes do not warrant capital punishment, argument is made of excessive force being employed. However argument is also made that defending one’s own life from death or major injury that could result in death is a right of protection and survival for all that is inherent in the US justice system and Constitution. Ferguson Government actions and reporting are meant to address the actual crimes under consideration that are within the legal purview of our justice system, not on speculations. Emphasis on race differences should be addressed after all the legal facts have been determined, not after opinions and associative comparisons have been employed in an attempt to shape the facts. This MOT weighs the degree of Black Movement theft from American energies through media enhancement by directing monetary influences toward speculation and away from existing facts and US laws and justice system procedures.

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