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Air Strikes as of 8/13/2014

Ballot creation date: 08/12/2014


Fact: It is a proclaimed US interest to halt the takeover of Iraq by the Islamic caliphate of ISIS.  Fact: ISIS has acquired about $1 Billion worth of sophisticated tanks and vehicles left by the US. Fact: ISIS has been using this war machinery to conquer towns on the way to the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. Fact: This movement of vehicles and equipment has been isolated on roads, in plain sight, during this movement for over one month. Fact: The US has, and has had, the capability to destroy all of these moving vehicles and equipment in less than one hour at any time, night or day, since the beginnings of these movements.


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is reported that the US has been occasionally using Vietnam era 500 pound laser-guided bombs to destroy some of this equipment. There are many air-to-ground weapons in the US arsenal that have not been employed. One of them can stop or destroy all vehicles in either a parking lot the size of a football field, or on a stretch of road approximately a half-mile in length. These are not secret weapons. One is the CBU (Cluster Bomb Unit) that was used during Desert Storm. They require boots on the ground only for target identification and damage appraisal. The question is why is the US allowing these forces against humanity and the US (verified by ISIS pronouncements and actions) to continue along these roads intact when we could have eliminated that part of the threat beforehand? The President is not actively maintaining national security with the means provided. This MOT Ballot weighs the virtual Presidential theft of available US resources by non-action, including non-bombing, against numerous known physical terrorist threats to US Citizens.

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