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Malaysia Flight 17 crash on 7/17/2014

Ballot creation date: 07/16/2014


Fact: The aircraft (Boeing 777-200ER) crashed in Eastern Ukraine with the loss of 298 lives. Fact: It has been established that the crash was not the result of a material failure or pilot error.  Fact: As of this date the cause of the crash falls under one or more categories of terrorism, sabotage, war, suicide, an act of God, or human error in policy, procedures, communication, and/or training relative to war operations. Fact: It has been established that the aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air ‘guided’ missile.  Fact: It is reported that the US Vice President is sending an investigative team to the Ukraine for the purpose of investigating this tragedy. Fact: Under ICAO agreement (International Civil Aviation Organization) the US will assist other member countries in their accident investigations of US manufactured aircraft (See 3/24/2014 MOT Ballot on Malaysia Accident of 3/8/2014).Fact: This tragedy did not fall into the definition of an accident or an act of God.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Relative to determining the cause of the ‘accident’, investigation under ICAO agreement, or an investigation by a US Vice President team is a waste of time, except to fill in news media time with the illusion that ‘something is being done’. ‘Black Box’ readouts, on-scene wreckage, other forensic evidence, and autopsy/toxicology efforts are only necessary to eliminate long term speculation of 'what if this', or 'what if that' may have happened (see TWA-800 non-conclusive, non-investigative formal FBI/NTSB reports and background information). This MOT Ballot weighs the actions of news reporting (stealing media time and attention) away from the crash/accident and also away from government  policy, procedures, communication, and/or training that impact war operations, such as why the airliner was not warned, or was allowed into that war environment airspace in the first place.

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