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General Subject: Department of Justice

DOJ Racism

Ballot creation date: 02/16/2013


Fact: Racism in government is a cult or culture that uses one or more physical characteristics to deny people who possess one of those characteristics from equal treatment under the law, equal opportunity for advancement, or equal value of their lives. Fact: On 4/23/2010 the President and Attorney General excluded people designated as “Black” by the color of their skin from equal treatment under existing law with a written DOJ Directive (see Action Subject -  Department of Justice - Ballot - DOJ Directive 4/23/2010) which prohibited any prosecution for a voting interference law violation that applied to all other people of all other colors in the US except 'Black'. Fact: This President, the chief law enforcer in the US and being of ‘black’ skin color, thereby removed himself and all other 'Black' people from equal treatment under the law. Fact: It is now over four years since this egregious written policy violation of US Constitutional rights has been addressed by members of the Congress, the media, or the legal system of the United States.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is concluded that this experiment in racism by this President was designed to see how far his Administration could go in obtaining further benefits past those long since acquired as a result of the ‘Equal Rights’ legislations of the 1960s. Pursuant to this conclusion is that the US Attorney General has not enforced a law he was given the authority to enforce, and has further disallowed the prosecution of a group he also selected by skin color who had broken this law, as verified in the TV media, and that he was obligated to enforce. This also constitutes a double theft from the Citizens of the US through a betrayal of trust. First he collected a salary and the panoplies of power while not doing his job. And secondly, by doing the opposite of law enforcement he promoted the helpless feeling of defenselessness similar to people throughout history who have suffered the abuses of dictatorial powers, threats against well-being, and all the wasted energies of stress promulgated thereby. For current reasons this MOT can be used to evaluate associative and complicit government persons running for office in 2014 and 2016. As with all MOT readings, weights are assigned relative to the intent and actions of theft from Americans. If the intent of actions is the destruction of America itself as it was Constitutionally founded, then a MOT weight of theft does not apply, only profit. The ingredient of confusion is elemental to destruction. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of positive energies away from a cohesive society by the racial divisions created by this President and the media through race-baiting policies, associations, and biases of media reporting.

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