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MOT = Margin Of Theft = That area of action that lies past profit and before insanity. It is an area where theft takes place. Some persons are known to spend their entire 'working' lives within the MOT. Many spend much time testing the two boundaries of the MOT, where estimates of fair profit end, and where insanity begins, with theft in between.

The MOT view is not a theory. It is an awareness that is intermingled with and related to the actions of everyday life, cultures, and governments. A person living on the inside of the Margin of Theft allows the boundary between Profit and Theft to be acceptably foggy, especially when acceptability is enforced through the barrel of a gun. Elites can argue that the entire country profits from their elite management of affairs, regardless of any of the population not profiting by anything of material value. A personal bottom, puerile base value of MOTsters is that they just flat don't want to work unless it is without a schedule and it is 'fun' for them. For this reason they will nearly always require a payment up front for their invented services for what they promise, which will happen  far into the future, often after all parties will be long dead. Profit, is part of a Capitalistic System where there is realistic economic accountability for the entire population. Socialist, Marxist, and Communist populations are governed by elites who live entirely within the Margin of Theft. And almost always these elites live at a much higher standard of living than the populace (demanding the best of everything), and without them making a physical product, providing any real service, or complying with laws of the general population. History has shown that these 'isms' do not allow even the pursuit of happiness for non-elites... happiness being a natural God-given desire and right of virtually all organisms that can be described as rational, freedom-loving natural and normal humans.

Theft herein = the stealing of US taxpayer money, time, health, security, justice, American integrity, and trust in government. Actions of theft are listed in 'All Ballots'. Those actions voted to be ‘Insane’ are listed in 'Statistics', Report 2.

MOT philosophical background on theft: During the first years of sustenance and nurturing after birth, when a human child gets everything for physical and emotional survival for nothing 'given' in return except esteem,  pride, and hope for parents, a time eventually arrives when they (we) are required to make efforts for our own welfare and happiness. For many, there is a reluctance during this transition to have to work at many things they (we) don't like to do, and a propensity can evolve to steal in lieu of working much, or not working at all, to attain what is desired. For this reason, bounds are normally placed on children by their parents and cultures to halt theft for the purpose of both physical and emotional survival in their part of the world. Free societies often fade into darkness and chaos when a generation of its people do not weigh, or are not allowed to weigh, profit versus theft in the lives and actions of their leaders, their representatives, and themselves. ('Civics', that establishes some societal bounds, is no longer taught in nearly all American schools. The course was required in nearly all US public schools seventy years ago.)  

Keeping the MOT view in mind when dealing with many of life's decisions provides two societal and often personal advantages: 1. It can help keep things fair, which is to the advantage of all. 2. It can warn or prepare when things are, or are becoming, insane, a state which is to the detriment of all.  

MOT Poll basis for Ballot conclusions on theft: It is considered here that profit in goods and services, including emotional profit, is the driving motivation behind politics, work, money, philosophy, advancement, family, religion, power, beauty, competition and creativity. Often this profit is attained through an unfair margin of advantage called theft in both trade and sports. An un-level playing field provides an unfair advantage to the thief to the detriment of all in the long run.

Margin of Theft (MOT) Poll Video:   

Credibility: The MOT Poll ballot vote can be seen the instant that his/her vote has been 'sent' by the voter and counted forever. It becomes part of an average weight, changing up or down, on-screen when pressing the ‘Send’ button. (One 'send' per Ballot, per WiFi, per Day) 

Ballot Voting Risk: This is determined by the user, who may be concerned that someone is physically looking over their shoulder when accessing on their computing device. There may be some entity that thinks you are important enough to place a surveillance camera over your shoulder, or try and see who can possibly be voting WiFi in your restaurant, airplane, doctor's place, office, or home.

MOT Poll database: The MOT Poll database is an educational and entertainment methodology. It entertains the idea that universal judgments about theft by people in the US can reveal more on issues that affect people's lives in the US. 

Voting times and locations: Votes are limited to residents within the United States. Votes are further limited to one per day, per Ballot, per US WiFi address, as in, 'one vote per 24 hours, per Ballot, per any single Starbucks Coffee Shop, home, office, waiting area, airplane WiFi, or store location'. Remaining time before voting can be seen, on screen if voting is attempted before the required 24 hours wait has expired at that WiFi location, for that Ballot.

Ballot Facts: Ballot reported 'Facts' and photographs are obtained from historical records, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NewsMax, and major US newspapers and radio stations, all in the public domain. 'Facts' in the MOT Poll are considered 'Facts' when reported the same in both the 'left-liberal' and 'right-conservative' public news sources, without 'journalistic' opinions. 'Opinions' are included for separate agreement by the user within the 'Analysis'-'Conclusion' portion of each MOT Poll Ballot. For those Ballots that refer simply to the "President", please note the "Ballot Creation Date" under each Ballot to determine who the President was at the time. On many Ballots, the reader can click on words that are blue in color for further references on the subject. Clicking on the 'back', pointing left arrow, will then get one back to the Ballot.

Voter Agreement: Ballot voters can designate whether they agree or not with the facts and/or conclusions presented, and still vote a weight of theft. This allows the US reader the personal range between agreeing with nothing presented and still voting 'insanity', and agreeing with everything and voting 'zero theft'/ 'no problem'. A voter can also not agree or not disagree (no opinion) with Facts and/or Conclusions, and still vote a weight of theft. These percentages are provided in Ballots listed in Report 1 in the 'Statistics' section. Voters are unrestricted by age, gender, or affiliations. Anyone in the US who is aware enough to read and operate a computer keyboard or cellphone can be an anonymous MOT pollster/voter. These agreements, non-agreements, or 'no opinions', are also statistics contained for each Ballot in the "Statistics" section, Report 1 (also instantly updated).

MOT Ballot Researchers, Analyzers, and Writers:

MOT Ballot current researchers, analyzers, and writers (limited to nine) have education, experience, and accomplishments that include:

* Bachelor Degree in Engineering and Science

* Master’s Degree in Public Administration

* Decades of experience in Government, the military, and farming

* Employment experience in industry. 

* US Citizenship (required for all MOT writers)

* Badge-carrying Federal law enforcement

* Qualification for US Astronaut Program

* Holder of US Patents for new ideas

* A total of four US military awards for rescue heroism, one foreign award for gallantry

* Total of nine books published

Ballot Weights: Ballot weights are instantly averaged to four decimal places in order to show the immediate and unaltered inputs for each reader vote at the instant of voting. (Watch the average weight change up or down in numerical value when you click on the 'send' button, which thereby transmits your judgment on that date and time to the rest of the world.) A single Ballot vote of 15 is an 'insane' designation of theft weight. Ballot thefts voted higher than an average weight of 10.000 is considered insane at the time of review. An average Ballot weight of 5.000 or less is considered herein to be a degree of theft that is theft-insignificant to society (Also see 'Statistics', Reports 1 and 2.).

Translations: The MOT Poll can be translated into any of 103 languages by utilizing the translation box in the upper-right corner of all pages.

Search WindowTo see if the MOT Poll has any past theft reference to any current item of interest, type what is desired in the Search Window and see if there is a Ballot that applies. If one were to type in "Warren", for example, two ballots of the past will appear that mention Senator Elizabeth Warren. If one were to type in, "Ebola" today (2019), one ballot from 2014 will appear to vote on if desired, and one can thereby be aware if anything significant has been done about it since.  

Some MOT terminology:

MOT culture: A parasitic infection dedicated to theft and not making things, or not providing a service for legal profit. It has been most associated with gangs, the Mafia, and pre-civilized tribes.

MOTsters: People of a MOT culture who are members of, or affiliated with, a cult, click, government, or religion. A full-time MOTster is one who is allowed to live their lives completely within the Margin of Theft where little or no product or service for society can be detected. They can often be identified by the use of unearned high quality items and services from society. Today in the US, many Congresspersons fall within the 'full time' application of this definition. 

MOT Squad: A group dedicated to ferreting out and identifying MOTsters. Squad theme song is, "The Monster Mash" (1962) by Bobby Pickett imitating Boris Karloff. "It is a graveyard smash, and caught on in a flash. It is the Monster Mash!!" ('Motster' and 'Monster' can become inter-changeable by those familiar with the website, 

MOT Dwellers: Those whose primary physical needs for food, shelter, and clothing are provided by government or parents/relatives for periods of time and coverage past initial human needs and welfare considerations. This includes many second and third generation full-time welfare recipient families, and many US Congresspersons.

MOTus Operandi: Methodologies particular to MOT organizations such as stealth, vague wordings, hidden agendas, sleight of hand, head fakes, double standards, and creating confusion, negative emotions, and division.

Castle-Potentate MOT Extortion Scam: A Medieval practice of people in high places taking things from passers-by in exchange for not throwing rocks down on them. It is a primitive method of extortion similar to Principalities, Duchies, Earldoms, and many Mid Eastern countries today.   

Jabba the MOT: A MOTster with a secret desire to eat the planet.

AINO: American In Name Only

Moochment: A MOT 'Movement'

Mojjo: A MOT Ballot voter - MOJudge and Jury Operative. Only American residents with WiFi access can currently be Mojjo's. Other country residents can have their own MOT Poll, as would be French Mojjos. America can provide, under franchise, the methodology. 

Space Report: According to the mission of the Starship Enterprise, which is to 'search out new life and new civilizations', the MOT Poll has been described as a periodic report on Planet Earth by Commander Spock back to the Federation.   

Queries and suggestions may be sent to, available with one click after selecting 'Contact' in the Menu.

Other 1: When was the last time you were polled? Who are the Poll people who ask the questions? Do you know any one of them? Do you ever wish a poll would call you to put in your two cents? Do Gallup, Rasmussen, Quinnipiac, Washington Post, Real Clear Politics, etc. polls ask questions other than for predicting or perhaps swaying elections, or for valuing candidate credibility? What about a poll that asks what you might think about specific actions that may be harmful to you and your society now, and into the future? The MOT Poll places actions, including past concerns, that apply to the present, up front for current judgement… and this allows all interested persons, by polling themselves on many questions if desired based on known facts, to then better make their determinations on policies, candidates, and officials who represent us.

Other 2: The MOT Poll is different from other polls in that US residents herein poll themselves for entertainment and information prior to the action of voting. It can give them pause to both evaluate their views given major facts in existence, and also to see what others think about things of national importance. Credibility of facts presented are determined by the reader based on information from all sources, including libraries and dictionaries, that are in the public domain. Voting with anonymity or not is determined by the voter.

Other 3: Insane and Crazy: To call or judge someone "Insane" or "Crazy" means little without an understandable and acceptable definition or reference from which the judger can judge. MOT Ballot judgements are largely based on a desire to recognize and avoid actions of 'insanity' in a society. MOT 'Profit ' is considered good for the individual and society. MOT 'Theft ' is considered bad for society, but can be considered good for at least some when they are not caught and punished. MOT 'Insanity ' is considered bad or evil for everyone eventually, both victims and thieves. These latter insane actions seem parasitic in nature, where eventually the situation results in the host society being eaten by individual parasites until both 'species' are dead.

Other 4: For an overall view of specific theft trends in the US, it is best to review all MOT Ballots as chapters in a book. Also, many Ballots of even years-past creation dates, remain viably current for consideration upon which to make a judgment. 

Other 5: A new MOT Poll Subject was added in 2019, "Idiots". It has since been deleted as being redundant to common awarenesses. It was established for use in accordance with the Dictionary definition from Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, 1985: "A feebleminded person having a mental age not exceeding three years and requiring complete custodial care." 

Other 6: The MOT Poll was partly inspired by the book, "Election 2016 and The Margin of Theft", Dorrance Publishing, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA.

Other 7: The difference between a Democracy and a Republic:

Other 8The website and copyrighted methodology is owned by Citravest, LLC, a Virginia (US) Corporation. 

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