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General Subject: Food Stamps

Food Stamp Acts for Non-Food Acts to 2/20/2014

Ballot creation date: 02/19/2014


Facts: Making food available is an administrative endeavor. Governments, historically, have not been successful in growing or catching food for the populations over which they govern. They are not vocationally equipped or trained for this, nor do they have the time for the endeavor. Fact: Governments provide for the availability of food on occasions of hardship or famine largely through various methods of storage. (This is described as arranging and administering the saving of food for a rainy day.) Fact: Historically, there is no example of a government other than that of the United States that forces, intimidates, or obligates people to eat more food than what is required for a healthy existence.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been mandated the function of obtaining, storing and administering food distribution for much of the population during times of need caused by natural environmental conditions. This is a common service of benevolent societies’ governments for their own people and when they can afford it. There is no percentage of starving people in the United States that are seen by anyone, anywhere. Being overweight is a cruel bias against anyone who has a natural tendency or need to eat more than necessary for survival. The US has ninety million (over thirty percent) of three-hundred twenty million people who obtain food stamps (public tax-money vouchers) that are legally allowed to be spent for many things other than food. Other countries in Africa don’t have even two percent of actually starving people taken care of.  Russia has had to import millions of tons of wheat from Chicago to Minsk because they had neither food stamps nor the food to purchase with them. Without the UN and organizations like the USDA, other populations would die, but not ours. Societies survive by feeding their own people first. And getting people through hard times is so noble a cause that it is not surprising that there is a tendency to extend such benefits in perpetuity, for everyone, for nothing by a temporarily affluent society. The perpetuators of this unsustainable unending goal are short-term skimmers (stealers of money and esteem) of long term promises by myopic political brokers. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from the welfare system by the Government stealing taxpayer money intended for food during short times of crisis, and giving it for political purposes in virtual perpetuity to many people who are not hungry.

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