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General Subject: Benghazi

Benghazi Video

Ballot creation date: 01/12/2014


Fact: The President, through US UN Ambassador Rice and Secretary of State Hillory Clinton, stated that the Benghazi murders of US Ambassador Stevens plus three was caused by a spontaneous unorganized non-terrorist demonstration that was instigated by a derogatory videotape seen by an unspecified number of people in unspecified locations and at unspecified times throughout the Mid East, and finally in Benghazi outside the US Embassy Consulate. Fact: When questioned, the US Secretary of  State said, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.”

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The intent of this Presidential focus on a video (that was not made media available to be seen by the American public for their own judgment) was to manipulate voter perception away from the possible reality of an inept Presidential policy toward organized terrorism. The perception up until that time of a failed policy in dealing with and containing organized terrorism would have influenced the Presidential election that was ongoing at the time. To, “do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.” includes at minimum the reprimand or removal of those who lied and were responsible for denying help to the American victims at the time…namely, the President. The continuance in office of the US Secretary of State after lying, and the promotion of our UN Ambassador after lying, undermined the integrity of the United States in the eyes of the world. The President’s own actions the following day of flying to a party campaign rally and thus illegally using government funds for political purposes, and his accompanying statement that the US deaths in Benghazi were ”bumps in the road” further undermined American trust and integrity. The unlawful jailing of the maker of the videotape to enhance the perception of its importance further undermines the credibility of this President. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of waste of given powers spent on a diversion and non-disclosure by the President from a rescue and subsequent investigation that was meant to find the cause of the murder of a US Ambassador while in his assigned and known-to-be hostile country.

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